Download Lone Survivor - HD

Download Lone Survivor - HD
Lone Survivor is a brutal, graphic, combat movie. It depicts US Navy SEALs fighting against Taliban in Afghanistan in 2007. It is based on Marcus Luttrell's book of the same title. There is very little plot. The movie opens with scenes of Navy SEALs undergoing rigorous training. Trainees are shown lying down under oncoming ocean waves, being dunked in water so that they cannot breathe, doing pushups, etc. 

However, the movie is still well made. The action is very well directed and incredibly tense, there's one scene where the soldiers are falling down a mountain and I have no idea whatsoever how they filmed it, it was incredibly well done. The acting is excellent as well, with Mark Wahlberg, Taylor Kitsch, Ben Foster and Emile Hirsch all giving excellent performances, however I found myself not caring so much about anyone other than Mark Wahlberg because I knew what their fate would be due to the title of the movie and the posters which all have Mark Wahlberg front and centre, so it's not exactly hard to guess who will be the lone survivor.

This may only be the second week of January, but Lone Survivor will without a doubt be on my top movie list of 2014. I loved this movie and suggest everyone go and watch it. And ... this is it. You can Download it for free.

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Description: Download Lone Survivor - HD
Rating: 4.5
Reviewed by: Veronica Allen
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