Download Stolen Kisses (HD) Full Movie

Download Stolen Kisses (HD) Full Movie
Download Stolen Kisses (HD) Full Movie | Stolen Kisses is absolutely my favourite Truffaut film. Being a film which is based on real events in Truffaut's life. This film shows who Truffaut liked to be. The charismatic Jean-Pierre LĂ©aud completes this image perfectly. The wonderful soundtrack makes it even better.

Antoine Doinel joined the army but has just been discharged. The film tells his reunion with Christine Darbon, the girl he was in love with before the beginning of the film, and his adventures in his jobs : first as a night watchman, then as a private investigator, especially during one investigation within Mr Tabard's shoes-shop... Mme Tabard is so fascinating.

Stolen Kisses is a film unlike any other, perhaps because it combines so many elements into such a breezy film experience. Though Francois Truffaut broke into the film industry with his debut The 400 Blows depicting the young, misplaced Antoine Doinel as a youth attempting to find his way amidst the chaos of Paris, Stolen Kisses might be a more mature and understanding film to its protagonist. Like Antoine, Truffaut has grown up.

What must be said about this remarkable film is that it is at its core a most personal story. Clearly, Antoine represented Truffaut in The 400 Blows and he does here. From adolescence to teen angst to young adulthood, Truffaut has shown us in three examples an everyman many of us can relate to. He is self-conscious, anxious, awkward around women yet tries to do the best he can. In Truffaut's eyes, and ours, this is the source of his innocence and charm. 

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Description: Download Stolen Kisses (HD) Full Movie
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