Download La Balance (HD) Full Movie

Download La Balance (HD) Full Movie
Download La Balance (HD) Full Movie | La Balance was released in 1982. I considered it was the best french crime flick since the death of Jean Pierre Melville, with maybe the exception of some Alain Corneau's flicks; Police Python 357 and Le Choix Des Armes.

Nicole is a Parisian streetwalker and Dede is her racketeer boyfriend, on the outs with his mob bosses because of a dispute over Nicole. When a police informant ("balance") is murdered, the cops have to scramble for a replacement. Deciding on Dede, they begin to put a nasty squeeze on him and Nicole.

Somewhat in the tradition of literary realism, this is a police story filmwith much drama and a hint of tragedy. When the determined police officer Palouzi (Berry)decides to get the mob boss in his district by replacing a blown up informer, his choice is a hooker, Nicole (N. Baye) and her pimp, Dédé (P. Léotard). Both are rather humane, likable and loyal to each other. Perhaps a bit of a cliché in the character Nicole. Palouzi will put ruthless pressure on them to get their reluctant collaboration. Given this scenario, things will be necessarily difficult for them. Very good performances of Berry, Baye and Léotard, and some violence scenes well staged and played. Interesting denouement with somewhat ambiguous ending.

The character of the efficient, driven and street-wise officer Palouzi has interest and psychological depth. Maybe he will be devious and tough to make Nicole and Dédé to play his game, but also maybe he will try to keep them out of harm's way, if possible. Finally waht i have to say about La Balance is: no clear-cut heroes and villains, good story and script, good actors, intense action, credible ambiance, with some interesting characters. 

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Description: Download La Balance (HD) Full Movie
Rating: 4.5
Reviewed by: Veronica Allen
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